Voice of the Girl-Child Trust

Voice of the Girl-Child Trust is a registered non-profit organisation committed to work for the improvement of the vulnerable girl-child’s quality of life in Zimbabwe. Through research, advocacy, awareness and strategic intervention programs, we bring to the fore and provide help to major challenges affecting the girl-child in Zimbabwe.

Our Organisation

Our Goals

  • Gender equality
  • Girl child empowerment
  • Girl child liberty
  • Community empowerment


We envision a society that vouch for and respect girl-child rights


To protect and promote the vulnerable girl-child through advocacy, research, networking, enhancement of community participation and advance programs that increase the chance to attain her-self best.


The Future is Female


  • Primary beneficiaries: girls from 0 to 18 years
  • Secondary beneficiaries: community

Our Values





Team Work


Our Objectives

The organisation seeks to achieve this through:

  • Conducting action-oriented research to have a deep understanding on the causes and effects of vulnerability to the girl-child, design and implement effective measures based on findings of the research.
  • Working with different stakeholders such as government, community, schools and policy makers in strengthening girl-child protection system such that the girl- child is safe and protected.
  • Advocating and lobbying for the voice of the vulnerable girl-child to be heard as well as to exterminate practices that deter the upliftment and development of the girl-child to attain her-self best.
  • Addressing the needs of vulnerable girls by providing services needed
  • Providing training and empowerment to the vulnerable girl-child
  • Promoting the enforcement of the girl-child rights
  • Ensuring that the society will have a positive attitude towards the girl-child and ensure that the girl child knows her rights
  • Coordinating with other organizations in practicing an efficient way of handling cases pertaining the vulnerable girl- child