The success of a girl-child is determined by her full access to all her rights. This program seeks to inculcate rights that are awarded to the girl child and what can be done if such rights are violated, procedures to be taken and provide the support of putting to book those who violate such rights. It aims at promoting the enforcement of the girl-child rights by ensuring that the society respects the girl- child rights so as to have a positive attitude towards the girl-child. It also ensures that the girl-child knows her rights for her self-protection since Zimbabwean girls especially in rural areas tend to have their rights violated because they are not aware that they have laws and acts that protect them. This program seeks to enlighten girls in different communities about rights that are available to them and take charge of their destinies Furthermore, the program will provide awareness to societies about girl child rights and avenues that help support the voice of the girl child through workshops and awareness campaigns.